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1.0III(040III) Connectors Terminal Male



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Classified Parts Terminal
Family*2 1.0III(040III) Connectors
Type -
Yazaki Part Number 7114-4231-02
Connection Type Wire to Wire
Unsealed/Seald Unsealed
Male/Female Male
Number of Poles -
Tab Width mm(inches) 1.0(040)
Material Brass
Plating Tin Plating
Color -
Rating -
Mating Part Numbers 7116-4231-02
Product Specification No. YPES-11-05-099
Instruction Manual No. YPES-15-274

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Product Specification
Allowable Current(Ref.) Refer to the table of Housing
Low Level Contact Resistance Refer to the table of Housing
Insulation Resistance Refer to the table of Housing
Withstanding Voltage Refer to the table of Housing
Temperature Range Refer to the table of Housing
Application List of Installable Components
Wire Type Wire Size(mm2) Wire Seals
CAVS 0.3 to 0.5 -

*3)Heavy Duty Type, *4)Single Pole Type, *5)Material NBR, *6)5mm pitch, *7)5.5mm pitch

*8)For installable components for the hybrid series, refer to the related component table.

*9)Operating Temperature Range includes temperature rise caused by current flow.

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